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Any sufficiently advanced
technology is indistinguishable from magic


Bring accuracy, speed and precision to your processes. We combine human experience with AI.

Data science &
Data mining

All the data you need is out there, we collect and hand it to you. Save time, save money, optimize resources.

Machine &
Deep learning

Identifying trends, patterns and automates process for prediction or analysis of causes.

Natural language processing

Making the understanding and interaction between humans and computers possible.

SDP data processing
SDP data science

About Company

Mission is to bring the power of Data science to every business

  • What?

    We bring customized software solutions to your front door, tailored specifically to your business’ needs. You name it, we make it.

  • Why?

    Our mission is to help you manage your business, employees and customers easier, make optimal decisions, predict and be prepared for future events. It is not magic but our customized software solutions, made with care for you. We are here to offer you a reliable hand, capable of using the most advanced tools & technologies known to mankind.

  • How?

    We help your company go to the next level by bringing the future of software to you with AI, machine learning, data science and many more tools up our sleeves. We create the necessary requisites, so you can get all the benefits.

Why Choose Us

Reasons for people choosing our company

Coming up with the right elements for a software solution by yourself is a time-consuming task. We spare you this time and develop the software you need with all necessary components as a route to solving your problems.


We not only develop software but use the most powerful and sought-after technologies on the market with precision and attention to detail.


We offer a number of customized software solutions to level up your company and ensure your desired business outcomes.


We carry out the full lifecycle of activities for our services - design, development, maintenance, testing, proof of concept, and evaluation of software.


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What our clients say about our
awesome services

Working with SDP was beneficial in many ways - you get more than what you pay for and you get exactly what you need. SDP created a software customized to our company, that truly set us apart from our competitors and boosted our processes. I recommend their services to anyone, looking for an unique and modern solution.

Emil Kirilov

CEO of Zekeng

SDP is the first software company that took the time to examine the issue in detail and offered me multiple possible solutions. They built upon my ideas and created a software that covered my company’s current and even potential necessities. Working with them truly felt like looking into the future.

Anton Puliyski

CEO of United Drone Community

With the increasing of numbers and employees, we found it quite challenging to do everything manually and knew we had to digitalize some tasks. I was quite skeptical at first, but after communicating my concerns with SDP they offered me a software solution that covered the full scope of needs.

George Kirtchev

CEO of ConnectedBin