Стил Дизайн Проект

About us:

“STYLE DESIGN PROJECT” LTD is firm in occupation with civil engineering projects of buildings and installations, research and consultant activity in the construction field. Top priority in our work is designing of buildings and installations in residential and industrial sector.

Designed including:

• Reinforced concrete

• Metal constructions

• Mixed constructions

• Wooden constructions

• Contemporary resolving for reinforcement and strengthening of buildings

• Supporting walls etc.

• Advertises

• Buildboards

• Megaboards

“STYLE DESIGN PROJECT” LTD counts on the professionalism, correctness and high quality of it’s own projects

We apply the most contemporary program software in combination with certain advantage of metal or reinforced concrete constructions. We give an optimum solution for every task.

Thanks to our team of proffessionalists, “STYLE DESIGN PROJECT” LTD provides perfect an end product for the client, suitable for his specifically requirements and responding to the valid normative (law) documents

By useful collaboration with our partners we guarantee full quality designing in optimum time limits.

For us every particular project is an individual task. Challenge, by witch we can demonstrate the qualities of our team – personal commitment, practicality, responsibility and promptness, our base to build and support stable and lasting relationships with our clients and partners.


Synchronizing with the fast development in the construction field and always raising requirements of quality, “STYLE DESIGN PROJECT” LTD offers wide spectrum of services to our clients:


• It is a priority in our activities. By our experience we develop projects for reinforced concrete and steel constructions depending of the tasks. We conscientiously practise autors’ supervision and watch closely for the quality of realization to every building, standing up for the interests of the investor.


- practical and advisable directions in designing process

- making of construction attitudes and experts reports

- solutions for reconstruction and modernization of existing buildings and installations


By collaboration with our partners we are capable to give you an entire designing process, including all necessary specialists - architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, water-supplying and sewerage, heating and ventilation, geodesy and surveying - appropriate to your specific request and responding to all requirements of yours